El Merkury

El Merkury is a dream project walking to reality. The concept is Central American Street food and the inspiration behind the menu is the Mayan food staples. 
In case you skipped that history lesson- Mayans were gatherers first, hunters second, and their diet was based on corn, beans, chillis and chocolate (from this choice of foods you can tell they were obvs smart). These staples are also the basis for our Merk menu. 
The idea behind this concept is that we can represent the under-represented countries whose perceptions are sometimes shadowed by news that sell (murder, criminals, drugs) and instead shine a different light by showing the awesomeness that they have. In other words we want to represent Central America through food!

In addition to our savory street food we have made-to-order churros served on top of house vanilla soft serve. You can't miss this dessert.


Come say hi at our new brick & mortar on 2104 Chestnut St!

From Our Customers


Isaac, Yelp reviewer

“I have literally never written a review on Yelp before***BUT just ate at El Merkury for the first time and was so blown away that I had to write, kid you not. The pupusa/tostada/street corn/baked rice was so dank (read: top 5 sub-$12 meals in philly for SURE) that I had to rave about it publicly and unequivocally." 


Clare, Yelp Reviewer

“The Galletas Abue (homemade dulce de leche, crushed Maria cookies, and cinnamon sugar) is the best churro I have ever eaten, putting most restaurant churros to shame. Not even the churro con chocolate at Cafe Aranda in Malaga, Spain can compare. "


Soniah, Yelp Reviewer

"I did my happy dance from the very first look at my plate because I knew it would be amazing but once I actually tasted it, there may have been tears of joy shed. It was so worth it!"

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